ALBUM: Departure Chandelier – Antichrist Rise To Power[ZIP FILE]

STREAM NEW ALBUM: Departure Chandelier Antichrist Rise To Power Zip Download

Departure Chandelier shares a new allbum with us,this new album is titled”Antichrist Rise To Power”  the album embodies a lot of effort that have been put in through the years by Departure Chandelier.

Antichrist Rise to Power Zip Album, is a fierce revelation of loyalty to the Emperor’s territory, from the mud-secured skeletons of Marengo to the spiked bluffs of St. Helena. The respectable acknowledgment of constrained outcast, the certain chill of the jail cell, and the savage surge of battle all fill the aristocrat’s craving for his unlimited journey for respect. The mythical being’s disobedient change grasped through the claws of the Accipitridae! In December 1840, the gray survives from his body, unearthed and contaminated amid autopsy from St.

Download Antichrist Rise to Power Zip AlbumHelena touched base in a dark pine box covered in white silk by the contract La Belle Poule to the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris. Regardless of his outcast and the trophy-like presentation of his digestive system at The Royal College of Surgeons in London, his inheritance of oppression masked as change (Napoleonic Code) remains always sewn into the texture of Europe and the West Indies.

Antichrist Rise to Power Zip Tracklist:

1. Intro (Napoleon’s Sword)//DOWNLOAD MP3
2. Life Escaping through the Candle’s Smoke//DOWNLOAD MP3
3. Forever Faithful to the Emperor//DOWNLOAD MP3
4. Catacombs Beneath the Castle of the Marquis//DOWNLOAD MP3
5. Departure Chandelier//DOWNLOAD MP3
6. A Sacrifice to the Corsica Antichrist//DOWNLOAD MP3
7. Re-Establish the Black Rule of France//DOWNLOAD MP3
8. Outro (Exile on the Jagged Cliffs of Saint Helena)//DOWNLOAD MP3

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